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Seize The Day With A7X

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Pinkly Smooth


I luv Avenged Sevenfold so i thought i'd make a web site on them. On this site I'll include everything I know about them and more. I'll have a buncha other bands on here to. 

Some other bands I will put on this site besides A7X & Pinkly Smooth are: Good Charlotte, Alkaline Trio, Himsa, The Used, CKY, HIM, Green Day, Nine Inch Nails, Papa Roach, Mudvayne, Theory of a deadman, Relient K, Emanuel, Clutch, Chevelle, From Autumn to Ashes, New Found Glory, Black Maria, Mest, Blink 182, Story of the Year, and many many many many more.
Alkaline Trio photo
    Alkaline Trio



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Thanks for checkin' out my site. Umm i hope to have more soon.