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Johnny's Bio

The bio of Johnny Christ 

Johnny Christ - Bass
Birthday: November 18
Height: About 5'7
Random Facts: First gig he attended was Metallica, Johnny has a tattoo of a skull with a cowboy hat on his neck. His parents r divorced thats y he goes by 2 names. He smokes and drinks a lot.
Johnny Quotes:
"Can you hang on a minute? I need to get some sun cream, I'd hate to burn my face."

"But I like to dress as a cowboy, though mainly when I'm drunk! I wanna get some chaps too 'cause I'm going to get my butt tattooed and I want people to be able to see it!"

"Well, the thing is, I actually have a fear of horses, so I wouldn’t make a very good cowboy."

"If I ever wanted a gnome, I guess I'd just stand out on my lawn for a while."

"The Rev can't make it to the computer since he has broken his low chair."

"This one time I stayed up way past my bedtime... man that was scary."

"I dont like to impress anybody, they can all suck my dick."

Thanks for checkin' out my site. Umm i hope to have more soon.