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Pinkly Smooth

Pinkly Smooth

A page on the band Pinkly Smooth

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Pinkly Smooth were formed in the summer of 2001 in Huntington Beach CA and in 2002, they recorded the legendary metal album, 'Unfortunate Snort' on Bucktan records.
While the lead guitarist and drummer of Avenged Sevenfold [Synyster Gates & The Reverend] and the lead singer and drummer of Ballistico [Buck Silverspur & D-Rock] are on break from touring with their bands, rather than lounging by a hotel pool with a bottle of Old Grand Dad Whiskey they transform into the mentally deranged... PINKLY SMOOTH!
Vocals - Rat Head [The Reverend]
Guitar - Synyster Gates
Bass - El Diablo [Buck Silverspur]
Drums - Super Loop [D Rock]
Track Listing:
1. Necromance Theatre
2. Mezmer
3. Nosferatu Does A Hefty Dance
4. Pixel & Nasal
5. The Body of Death of the Man with the Body of Death
6. McFly
You can listen to MP3's at
The CD has manic metal. Acrobatic drums, guitar and vocals, with lyrics describing vampires and morbidly twisted plots.

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