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Seize The Day With A7X

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Funy A7X Stuff

Some funny A7X shit.


Zacky: OoOoO What’s that? Lemme see



Zacky: Hey Johnny?


Zacky: Wadda ya think would happen if I chucked this at Matt right now?

Johnny: That’s a good question. Try it.



Zacky: Huh? Wha?!?


Zacky:Wow yer really Tall.
Johnny: Yeah
(Thnx to my friend Issa fer this one)
Zacky(Thinking to himself)*Wow hes really weird*
(Thnx to my friend Amanduh fer this one)
Zacky: Dont fucking breath on me bitch. I might get a Disease.
I made the ones above
more to come soon

Thanks for checkin' out my site. Umm i hope to have more soon.