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Seize The Day With A7X

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Pinkly Smooth

Do u have A7X syndrome?

Answer the Question below to see if u have the A7X syndrome

Do you wake up at all hours of the night just 2 go put on one of their CDs?

Do you take a radio on yer bathroom & blast A7X's CDs while in the shower?

Do you feel that A7X is controlling yer way of life/music?

Do you wonder why people are looking at you weird just cuz your dancing and singing in yer car 2 M.I.A., Seize the Day or one of their other songs all silly like?

Do you "connect" everything w/ the lyrics?

Do you put up a countdown on your wall...till the next show?

Cant seem 2 listen to another CD for a month or longer after you've seen them live?

Do you go to yer local CD store and just spend hours in there looking at the CDs and wait 4 a 'kewl' looking person, so you can introduce A7X 2 them?

Do you get that "feeling" of excitement shoot up thru you when you hear their music/news on them?

Feel like their REALLY a part of you?

Do you check out the bands that you've seen A7X wearing shirts of them?

Do you have weekly dreams about them?

Start looking/acting like them?

Have a shrine of all yer signed/touched/outfits in your house?

Made a Fan Site 4 em' and spend hour's maken it pretty?

SEE dudes that just remind you or look like ‘em?

Thought you've seen them walking 'round your city?

Think its sooo super kewl when you see a "cool"' person listening to ‘em?

Wish you could find a dude who likes them?

Held a A7X poster up in the window of yer car until you got to their show?

Called 1 of yer friends/relatives Zacky, M.Shadows
, The Rev, Synyster, or Johnny?

Recognize guitar sounds and vocals in NON-related A7X songs?

Do you wake up in the morning and don't wanna get outta bed and start singing "Seize the Day” or “M.I.A."?

When do you feel really (sad/mad/bad) get Shadows' voice in yer head going "Seize the day or die regretting the time you lost It's empty and cold without you here, too many people to ache over”?

Have a A7X sticker on yer car or yer parents car?

Talk to your family about A7X like their your closest friends?

Do u wish you could have the same tattoos, hair, and piercing as any of the members?

...well if you answered YES to more than 5 of these, you've definitely got it...just take a trip to your local A7X doctor and they will refer u to see em' live!

Thanks for checkin' out my site. Umm i hope to have more soon.