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Seize The Day With A7X

The members of A7X
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M.Shadows Bio
Zacky's Bio
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R u obsessed with A7X?
Do u have A7X syndrome?
Pinkly Smooth

You know you're an obsessive A7X fan when...


1.You think about them 24/7

2.You listen to them 24/7

3.Your teachers know your favorite band member

4.Your parents and grandparents know the words to their songs

5.You have A7X posters all over your room

6.You would do anything for them

7.Your friends and people at school know you as the "A7X Girl/Guy"

8.You got all of your friends into them and your little sister and/or brother

9.You stay up till 3:30 am just to listen to see if they come on the radio/TV

10.The more people who associate your name with A7X any time they hear about them the better

11.Study time turns into Avenged Sevenfold sing-a-long time

12.Your parents are worried

13.If you met the hottest guy/girl they would be gone in a sec if the dissed A7X

14.You would give up a year of your life to go on tour with them

15.You sit and stare into the eyes of Zacky, M.Shadows, The Rev, Synyster, or Johnny on a picture or poster until you lose focus

16.Your hobby is Avenged Sevenfold

17.You made a Avenged Sevenfold web page

18.You would risk your life to stand up to anyone who says something bad about Avenged Sevenfold

19.You and your friends quit listening to any station that refuses to play Avenged Sevenfold

20.You always check a radio station because you know Avenged Sevenfold is on!

21.You get so excited when you see a person with a A7X shirt on and you feel like running up to them and giving them a hug

22.You freak out when a A7X’s song comes on the radio/TV

23.You feel like killing any person that tells you to get over them your a Avenged Sevenfold psycho they will never date or marry you!

24.When you make your 9 year old sister memorize every A7X song there is

25.You always wonder what Zacky, M.Shadows, The Rev, Synyster and Johnny are doing right now

26.You talk about them 24/7

27. You bought a jean jacket like Zacky's

28. You meet any of the members and one of them starts to cough and you hope he gets you sick

29. You go back to the place where you met A7X as an anniversary

30. People get annoyed with you cause all you ever talk about is A7X

31. You quote to live by is "Seize the Day or die regretting the time u lost"

32. Your not obsessed your Addicted

33. You are their #1 fan

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